Welcome! If you are here to learn a bit more about who I am as a photographer, it's pretty simple.  I have a profound passion for photography, love the chase and the adventures to capture those special moments, but most importantly, be able to share these moments with you.   It never stops to amaze me how freezing a frame allows you to learn so much more about that specific point in time that you would have never noticed otherwise.
Approximately 15 years ago, photography grabbed my attention as I was starting an online mountain biking publication in the Ottawa region.  At the time, most of my time behind the camera was to capture the people and the talent in the local mountain biking industry.
Those days have come and gone, however I am very much still story telling through images. Currently my photography revolves around personal projects.
If you'd like to say hi, have a project in mind or simply looking for someone to help you capture your special moments, send me a note!  I would love to hear from you.
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